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Conducting market research to adopt the ever-changing market dynamics accomplished using several tools; on, and off line. For instance Online tools as monitoring the competition marketing activities,  types of social media marketing channels includes but not limited to advertisement campaigns. Hence the process shall enable better positioning and branding. 

User experience is as important as competition analysis. In order to get users’ preferences solid data, competitive analysis must become a core competence within a business. it is accomplished by in house team or hiring digital agency in Egypt. Which shall establish a long lasting branding for the business. In conclusion driving the firm to lead in a market niche.

Marketing plan needs periodic review to achieve long lasting branding. Digital Marketing plan should include a perfect customer persona, business’ big idea, strategies, and tactics.

In order to implement and execute a digital marketing plan. Digital strategy, and media content need alignment with the set goals crafted originally in the global business plan.

To achieve those goals a digital marketing agency in Egypt shall use social media service, design web development, digital strategy marketing services, target audience, content creation, and other marketing services. 

It is very important to know that digital marketing is not a single tool to depend on. Conversely the more presence on different social media channels the more is the product in front of the customers.  As an example using only Facebook’ posts may not reach Instagram users. Where Instagram is more for those who are interested in images and young population. Furthermore email marketing is to follow up with current customers. In addition, email marketing is used to drive targeted audience from Attention to Interest to Desire to take an Action.

If a new product is launched. First there is a need to build a landing page using a website. Then, promote the landing page through best social media advertising campaigns, which is called total marketing approach or omnipresence. After that the target audience sign up the embedded form. Then the email marketing is used to handle further the target audience through sales funnel. Towards the end of the journey. He/She is exposed to many product’s information, which should in return lead him to the desired action.  Hence; make the sales.

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Get complete control over the presence of your BUSINESS in a fast-paced world. After that go from “ME-TOO” to “NICHE” by adopting ever used top digital marketing strategies, tactics, and tools. Similarly, implement customers’ awareness, and sales funnel with a dedicated social media marketing company in Egypt. Digits Marketer shall create awareness and maximize your local market presence, and sales.