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Choose the Subscription that’s right for you.

If you are considering social media as a way that could leverage, and scale your business, Then this solution is what you will need to apply to your social media marketing efforts.

Monthly Social Media Subscription

  • Be present on Instagram, Facebook, and the third platform of your choice (Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, Pinterest). Your timeline will be full of relevant posts that engage your audiences. 
  • A Cohesive look across all your platforms - Branding including logo design, color, and font selections
  • Social media management includes 45 posts (carousel)
  • 3 social media managements including 45 posts per month in a Carousel format. 3 different social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and a third of your choice (Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok)
  • Increase Instagram followers using our unique up-to-date trends, and techniques
  • Apply best practices SEO for each dedicated Social Media Channel
  • Analyze competition locally and internationally
  • Content writing for each and every post
  • Design for every and each post
  • Full marketing plan to be excuted monthly, quarterly, and annually

Video Shooting Session

  • One Video Shooting Session including script suggestion, Video Editing, and Multiple Images that could be used for different Social Media Platforms

Word Press Website

  • One Year Host
  • One Year Domain
  • Design with Word Press
  • On Page SEO
  • Google Console Listing
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Install Google Tag Manager
  • Install Facebook Pixel

Ads Management

  • 30% of total monthly ad spend, Minimum Ads management fees is USD 250

Search Engine Optimization

  • Rank Your Website Higher On Google
  • Increase Your Organic Search Traffic
  • Hook your Audience, Push your Brand & Get more Sales

Video Animation 2D

  • 2D Video Animation up to 90 Second

manage three social media packages

One Month

two Months

three Months

six (6) Months

twelve Months

Video Animation

Video Session

website services; domain, design, and hosting

simple website

5 Pages

Simple Website

up to 10 Pages

Ecommerce website

100 Products

Ecommerce Website

200 Products

Ecommerce Website

500 Products

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

5000 Back links

Domain Authority 30+(100), 50+(25)

15000 back links

Domain Authority 30+(100), 50+(30)

20000 back links

Domain Authority 30+(100), 50+(50)

49900 back links

Domain Authority 30+(100), 50+(100), 70+(60)

50000 back links

Domain Authority 30+(100), 50+(200), 70+(50)

Are you ready to get your business from GOOD to GREAT!

We have helped many businesses outreach their niche customers, and simply this system WORK.

Are you ready to get yourself and your team busy responding to the requirements of your clients? If yes; then go ahead and send us your order NOW!