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Digits Marketer is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Egypt. Digits Marketer is a multiple digital marketing channel agency in Egypt that can help businesses of all sizes achieve their return on investment (ROI). When marketers are turning to a wider audience. The key is finding the correct agency and promotional channels. 


More than 15 years in sales, and marketing. Dedicated the last 7 years to Digital Marketing only. Have a look at my LinkedIn portfolio…

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Digits Marketer is a digital marketing and rebranding agency located in Cairo, Egypt! We help companies, and entrepreneurs establish authority using social media and digital marketing despite their business niche.

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Get complete control over the presence of your BUSINESS in a fast-paced world. After that go from “ME-TOO” to “NICHE” by adopting ever used top digital marketing strategies, tactics, and tools. Similarly, implement customers’ awareness, and sales funnel with a dedicated social media marketing company in Egypt. Digits Marketer shall create awareness and maximize your local market presence, and sales.


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Who does not need a prestigious presence with an elegant presentation today to be optimized for mobile usage! Similarly Show off achievements, create sales magnets, and build up a mailing list. All those and more are done by building an astonishing website, which became a mandatory in today’s marketing tools.

Today with no doubt social media channels plays the most significant role in marketing like facebook. Clarify products, and services to clients by adjusting the business’ social media. Increase the presence, and promote business branding, hence drive more sales!

What a mysterious tool; how to adjust it for better marketing and sales? How to change the lead to prospect to a customer. Is it a stand alone tool? does it require additional performers? Get all those and more by a one of the most dedicated agencies in Egypt. How to drive people through the sales funnel?

Who said the mailing list does not work anymore? Who claimed it will never work in Middle East! On the contrary email marketing shall help keep a customer informed. Additionally email marketing is an essential tool conducting a sales funnel creation. Digits Marketer is one of the agencies in Egypt adopted this very technique effectively.

Market existence should require a fortune without SEO to rank or to show a product on social media. SEO allows websites to rank in search engines without huge spending. That should last for months. In a nutshell SEO shall get a website, and product in front of target audience with no daily payment, and Organically!